Salvatore Zammuto came from Sicily in the 60’s and settled in this country with his family. He was always proud of his culture and cuisine and eventually his dream came true through the opening of Fratellis Zammuto. Salvatore sadly Passed away but his spirit for great tasting, Sicilian inspired food lives on today at Zammuto Steak & grill house.

Zammuto steak And Grill house offers a private room for special occasions at a price to suit your budget.


We have decided to throw the restaurant manual away and have come up with a concept whereas when you visit our restaurant the majority of your bill is going to the cost of your food and drink.

Traditionally when you go for a meal a large portion of your bill goes to large rent and rates, marketing companies, VAT and card processing charges.

Through our experience and foundations The Zammuto Family has eradicated all these costs and has decided to invest our costs on quality ingredients and products.

Our promise to our customer is not to serve mountains of cheap food filled with additives but to produce a fine freshly cooked meal using the finest ingredients at the lowest price.

If you can find the same meal at an equal or lower price we will give you your money back GUARANTEED. We have also reduced the price of all our drinks too.

Due to the fact we have slashed our costs we do not obtain a card processing terminal and only accept cash as payment however if this is a problem you can phone us and we can arrange alternative payments.

The Zammuto family have over twenty years of experience and promise to keep this restaurant locally owned and family owned.



11 Nether Hall Road ,
South Yorkshire,

Phone: 01302 343 454
Mobile/Text: 07736787746

Tues – Sat

Open from 5pm



At zammutos we are offering a food pack with all the ingredients to cook your own meal accompanied with easy-to-use instructions. The customer will receive the same quality fresh ingredients as are cooked in the restaurant. All meats will be individually wrapped with date labels.


10oz Fillet – £11.00

8oz Fillet – £9.00

10oz Sirloin – £6.50

4 French Trimmed Lamb – £7.00

Carrots for 2 – £2.95

Onion rings for 2 – £2.95

Garlic mushrooms for 2 – £3.50

Homemade chunky chips for 2 – £2.95

Side of the week(AMOS) for 2 – £2.95

House salad with dressing for 2 – £2.95

Garlic Bread – £2.00

Garlic Bread With cheese- £3.00

Garlic butter for 2 – £1.95

Pepper sauce for 2 – £1.95

Aragona sauce for 2 – £2.50

Diane sauce for 2 – £1.95

Order by phone on: 01302 343454 – Collection only.

Cash payments only or you can pay online before you arrive.


Put your oven on 180 degrees and put sides in for around twenty minutes stirring Occasionally.

Keep in aluminium containers.

For the steak pre -heat your pan . Preferably grill pan. Coat your steak with seasoning of your choice and coat in vegetable oil along with the bottom of your Pan. Then place on your hot pan and sear each side for about three minutes. Then move your pan in the oven to get the heat to the centre slowly. Turn occasionally.

For fillet steaks sear both sides and edges too. Well done steaks will need to be cut into medallions.

Use a probe to check internal temperatures. We recommend anything from 48 degrees Centigrade to 62 degrees centigrade for maximum flavour. If you don’t have a probe cut the edge of the steak when you think its ready. Pink is perfect but not fleshy.

When steak is cooked plate up with your sides ( make sure sides are hot ) you can check with the back of your index finger.